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by QParris

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This is the 1st mixtape I put out, and it has done extremely well. It was nominated in the 25360 Awards for Best Album, and Oly Moly (Track 11) was nominated for Best Song!


released August 22, 2012

Album Art: Dillon Bolen of Shade City photography
Original tracks produced by Native Beatz
Recorded at Native Beatz Studio, Northwest Royalty, and Highly Defined Studios




QParris Olympia, Washington

I just finished up my bachelor's degree at the Evergreen State College! Making music and learning new stuff is what I love.

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Track Name: Biggest Fan
Met a girl today I swear that chick a superstar.
She make me wanna mash the gas and dash up to the supermarket.
Get her some roses or posies. She golden in my eyes.
Go with the flow and it's goin from cold to tyedye
In my imagination, no escapin reality
If only for the moment she on it, it's a fatality
She killin me, drillin into my mind about drillin her from behind
surprised she ain't been fined for bein so fine
FAA wanna piece of her shes so fly.
All up in my airspace, that's y she in my rhymes.
I find myself smiling, realize she's the reason
Keys in, her hand. She drivin, we leavin
Even if we been, speakin bout sleepin.
Marker soft tip type shit like a weekend
Peking delight. order out. Eat it up. Chopstix
I be caking like a baker, patty cake I got this.

Paparazzi prolly all up in yo business.
Knowin u a diva takin pictures. I'm a witness
Everything im spittn. Nothin's fictitious.
I would never do anything that needs your forgiveness.
I'm a silent killer, put ya kitty on my hitlist
U a gift to me like I recieved you on Christmas.
Santa read the wishlist. Got me on my kid shit.
U intoxicating got me feelin like a big hit.
Never say when. Pour it on up
Put u on my plate and eat until i'm overstuffed.
I'm just trynna what? Nah, I'm trynna make love
Feelin all sweet, think of u and see doves.
All up in my heart like u a doctor, rockin scrubs.
Lemme get that stethescope and show u what's up.
My heart, beatin to the rythm, of you
Seein new light like a prism, it's true.

Now it's 3 for me to get my point across to you
Infatuated with your everything since I saw you
Plenty fish in the sea. So glad I caught you.
Chillin at the party hardly off until they brought you.
Now I'm up in game mode. Better than the lame hoes
See you changin the weather, walkin round in ya raincoat
Now it's all blue skies. All I see is you and I
And I promise to give you what you need from a true guy
Wanna see you happy, hella classy. In the room, hella nasty
We can do it anywhere, you ain't scared. fantastic
Comin to my shows, say u love it when i'm rappin
Attackin the track and torture rack it Send em packin.
That's what you do with your fashion
And you're so damn attractive.
You float my boat, and I'm just livin. You the captain.
So let's get it crackin. Set sail for an island
You're my ocean getaway. all i c for miles.
Track Name: 3-6-Own It
Run upon a good day. Fuck beef. Burger King-type life. Have it yo way.
When I'm up on the stage I puff that green. Get em all hype. Yeah!
while i'm so blazed
I'm rollin up that J. Thats crae. On the other half is con. that yay
Lock it up like Akon. Okay.
Blaze it up feelin really on today.
This aint the game i came on to play.
Pull out the papers and put the bong away.
Flippin the capers to make a strong display
Of power flexin strong today.
Lemme get fresh. Get my button ups pressed.
Smoke sess, Rolex on my arm? no bet.
I don't rock that shit. Cuz I write w/my left.
And I right them wrongs from the past i left.
Game slicker than Teflon. Gotta rally gon get yo pep on.
Pep Boys for the toys we Step On The gas, betta dash but don't wreck son.
Better dash than the last one had.Want cash like a magnet's attracting that.
Green Lantern Lac? grabbin that . paint drippin w/a soft top after that.
Pushin buttons got em poppin out the dash that.
magnum pack next to where the magnum's mag is at.
Like shootin paintballs where the splatter that?
Big boy steamroll, flatten that
Competition sacrificed, bout to fatten that.
Like a lil ol calf. Get a half of that.
Hit a lick, go sweep up after that.
Like Madden. Problems? Tackle that

Gotta get it how i live it,-Get it you wanna
Flow hotter than Arizona
931'n on the corner
Get it on and 360wn it.

I'm Sacajawea on a mothafucka thats mappin that.
I'll slap ya dad. Ain't nothin after mad.
Packin fat. gotta grab a plastic bag
A tragic mass, u kno. its a have to have.
Rob Zombie action that.
Big Boi no friends Outkastin that.
Gotta stash in the mothafukn trashy bag
I'm Blastin swag, at motherfukrs askin that
So fresh so clean. Like after baths
Flyin thru the air rad like Aladdin had.
No map, stay strapped w a magic lamp.
Make a wish, take a hit. Put a mag in that.
Feed the pretty kitty kat. Gimme that there.
Give the people fitted caps
And send em out where?
Imma hit em with the giddyup. homie I swear
At the Hucklebuck. Double up! Don't be scared.
Not winnin this pay ain't really an option.
Gotta make cake, its the only way to stop em.
Patty cake. Gettn so baked, I got one.
Heevin and hoeing. Leavin the haters all boxed up
On the Rollin Rock like a Mr. Jones flick.
hold on, Don't slip, like Mr. Jones wrhip.
grip. Wonder what kinda car mr. jones whips?
all black, chrome lips. Prolly whippin grown shit
Got em watchin u? case that a.s.a.p.
45 stay strapped. Bass where the face
Replace the bass, K stay, where the brain at
Dipped in all black, kinda hard aim at.
Ey man, prolly wanna calm down!
runnin up the stairs, do u wanna crawl down?
U could be a stand up guy, but you would fall down
Lil jokers pack a punch, huh? Gettn hauled out.

Gotta get it how i live it,-Get it you wanna
Flow hotter than Arizona
931'n on the corner
Get it on and 360wn it.

Back for round 3. Was sleepin soundly
But it seems a resounding sound found me.
Bells of success. Some call it blessed.
Sim Sim Salabim on a Johnny Quest.
_Can I get next? Dibs? Shotgun?
Feelin like the only homie that ain't got one.
Spent too much time in the hood. Hot ones,
I'm a hot shot. Maverick. on my Top Gun.
_Shootin up this, and bangin on that
Molotov Cock flame draws he strapped.
Tap tap on the back of ya snapback
My metal militia will come and get u where u at, yeah
_notta nah nutta mufukka finna fuck wit me
Open yah mouth, shut it with a Moss. U'll be
Over and out. I get it on the fukn cb.
Rollin around. Like can you suckers hear me?
_I'm the cat in the hat. The homie with the beanie.
Gotcha girl last year. She's still fiendin
She's a weed that needs to be
Effectively quarantined away from me
In a dispensary, the place to be.
If u got some expensive taste in trees.
More crunk than the last. Dro Bag. Toe tag
Don't ask y these mothafuckas cant eat.
_Blasphemous, the cash is missin.
Katja Kassin cant ass that. Mash ur vision.
Better tap the wisdom. Thats forgiven.
Catch up, saddle up, Lyin! they was glad to get ya.
_Grab ya issue. Massive pistol
Overkill, hope drill, dope deal baggies with ya
And a magnum swisher, got a back pack w/a buncha paks
In it. Snatch that. Thats official!

Gotta get it how i live it,-Get it you wanna
Flow hotter than Arizona
931'n on the corner
Get it on and 360wn it.
Track Name: Froze
Comin and thinkin up an abomination
Would settle the pebbles up in the pond. The patience
Necessary to bury the bonds im makin.
Would never marry into the farm of the fake shit.
_Treat it like magic. Wand. Wave it.
Harry Pot em. Crank it. Statham.
They just snitchin. Bankin statments.
Trynna get a nigga some time in the cages
_Really and truly i wanna bang on them mufukkas
But i still gotta maintain this mufukka
dont think I wont aim in this mufukka
Paint the stage with yo brain this mufukka
_Think. I'm. playin. Bitch you stupid
Aint no game cuz the world is ruthless
Bringin the pain. To get the gain.
At long range. Im in the game. And I aint movin.
_Just like the song say. The road is one way,
goin the wrong way. Lemme turn u around
Up in the ballgame. Swingin for the hall of fame.
Really been a long time comin, its goin down.
_I'm finna ball out. Leavin the laws outside of This one
Hit one. Then I'm on the stage.
I'm free dun a mufukka, heat tucked under.
Skatin on D's like rollerblades
_U can do what u want when it come yo turn
If he don't know now, how the hell he gon learn
You mimicking words, you dun heard,
From real niggas.
Bird's the word and my shots'll go burn
_Get it in yo head like a perm
Unclippin the mille at ya face like sperm
No millie vannilie when I spit my flow
Wanna get big, betta wait yo turn

Hear it in his tone. He on and so grown
And know he so cold. He froze for six months
Thawed out. Bringin the dogs out,
and leavin the laws outside of this one.

(Whoop Whoop!) Hear them boys comin
One-time all up in the mix.
But the troop knew about the coupes cruisin
to the crib. Gon dip. guns all up n the whip
_Like BDSM. Hidin behind a mask
Cuz the clip is gettin lighter when I blast
If I need to, I will eat you
crazy niggas maxin em out like mad
_Max. Attack of the... clones
Outer space. I'm on track for the... gold
Risin up while yo stats on.... hold
Lame ass niggas betta go back... home
_We ain't playin no games over... here
Tic Tac Toe bout to blow yo ...gears
All outta whack from the bass in the back
Of the studio. Betta take care of yo.... ears
_Lyrics bang like they flagged up
Bustin off like they magged up
Suga Shane yo ass up
My flow's a golden bath *ugh
_Pissin on the track to be
The stain up in your memory
The bain of any limiting philosophies they kick to me
_Kick it back like a soccer ball
Operatin like a doctor dog
Surgical lyrical precision up on the mic mic
Anesthesia I gotcha dog!
_Whatever you need, I offer. Ahh-
-pothecary to carry the medicine
And if you want it, I got it all
Then gon clear up the rest with this.
Track Name: QParris ft. HD of Metaphysix - Oly Moly ft. HD of Metaphysix

Occupy the capitol. Life aint right
the fight for light will tell them that it has to go.
Up their -- w/broken glass. Its nasty,
But they have to know,
People go crazy when they feelin like you irrational.
If thats the cab the passion chose
these people are peaceful.
A delicate art and the heart is the easel
The brush it touches up the scuffs when it needs to
The rest is left to breathe the breath into the people
To speak against the evil.
Kineival we jumpin over barricades to get it in.
Failure's not an option mockin politicians
Trynna win.
This is more important than orcas murdered by fishermen
But bottom line is dimes and nickels lookin up to benjamins
The world is trynna get it in
Its every man for himself.
Takes a village but villagers put family on the shelf
The trek is really for the wealth
So if I like the cards Im dealt
Then imma play a hand. If not I gotta
Wait for somethin else.

Wassup with that show tho?
Thats what you hear me hollerin
Focus on the motion of my music
To the populous.
Im trynna hear me knockin in a random
Drop with lotsa people
Singin along with the one and only
(While they) While they rockin wit Me.
I can get it poppin
If u just gimme a listen. Mental intervention. Simple sentene
Remind of yo beginnings
Him and them were simply trynna
Get the word out
That, I can flow and now u know
What I'm talkin about.
If you see me on the stage, Im feelin good. I got it made.
All I, All I need is one mic
Feelin like a sage.
All eyes on me.
Allowin me to release rage
In the form of melodic poems
Holdin what I got and showing
Only the cards I wanna drop on the table make a play.
With confidence and common sense
I hear it and i fade away
Or come and be the the captain for the show when i save the day
To pave the way for major pay
For all of us I pray the same